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Root Chew

Root Chew

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Root Chews are the superior alternative to sticks – safer and healthier! These enduring chews are splinter-free and lack the sharp, potentially harmful ends common with regular sticks. With a 0% fat content, roots are a wholesome treat for dogs of all sizes, especially large breeds with powerful jaws – a perfect solution to keep your furniture intact!

Crafted from the sustainably harvested root of a coffee tree, each chew ensures the tree remains unharmed, marrying eco-friendliness with your pet's enjoyment and well-being.


Grain free, Chicken Free, Dental Hygiene, Long Lasting, Hypoallergenic, Low Fat


Feed supervised as part of a balanced diet. If small pieces break off, remove them from your pet to prevent risk of choking. Ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times.

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