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Tailored Treat Box

Tailored Treat Box

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We understand that finding healthy, natural treats your dog loves is difficult. We end up going to 5 different places to pick their favorite flavor of sausages. Racking our brains to remember where we bought the Yak bar that kept them occupied last Friday evening.

We've gotcha! We can tailor your box to your dog's exacting needs. Creating something as unique as your furry friend. You can even set up a subscription so you never have to worry again.

Each box will contain treats your dog will love. If they don't - just let us know and we'll add that to your notes. You'll never receive that item again. The box will give you peace of mind (as well as peace and quiet).


Each box is different but to give you an idea of size:

Small - Scoop of Sausage pieces; 1x Pig ears; 250g Lamb Jerky; 5x Chicken Feet

Medium - 2x Scoops of Sausage pieces; 2x Pig ear; 250g Lamb Jerky; 10x Chicken Feet; 1x Hoof

Large - 3x Scoops of Sausage pieces; 3x Pig ear; 250gx Lamb Jerky; 15x Chicken Feet; 2x Hoof; 100g Pork Crunch; 1x Buffalo Horn or Antler

HUGE - 4x Scoops of Sausage pieces; 4x Pig ear; 250g Lamb Jerky; 20x Chicken Feet; 3x Hoof; 200g Pork Crunch; 1x Buffalo Horn or Antler


Feeding Instructions:

Feed supervised as part of a balanced diet. Ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times.

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