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Red Stripe Leather Dog Collar

Red Stripe Leather Dog Collar

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✦Why this collar?


We love this full leather collar for brightening up walks with lovely dogs! This fun yet beautiful dog collar, paired with classic chrome hardware, looks great on any dog all year round.


Each full leather collar is carefully cut and pieced together by expert leather workers, then fully stitched for added strength and fitted with superior solid metal hardware. The leather is chosen for its high quality, softness and is vegetable tanned, so it’s kind to the planet as well as the lovely pooches.


✦Complete the look with a matching lead


✦Product Details


Designed to be fun, but durable.

Buckle and unbuckle with ease.

For boys and girls.

Ready for heavy-duty service, every day!


✦Collar sizes


Extra Small

Adjustable between 22cm to 30cm (9″-12″) & 1.6cm wide (0.6”). Suitable for larger Chihuahua’s, Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, Pomeranian & similar sized dogs with a neck size of 22cm to 30cm.



Adjustable between 25cm to 34cm (10″-13.5″) & 2cm wide (0.8”). Suitable for Miniature Schnauzer, Pug, Shih Tzu, Jack Russell, Border Terriers & similar sized breeds with a neck size of 25cm to 34cm.



Adjustable between 30cm to 39cm (12″-15.5″) & 2cm wide (1”). Suitable for Beagles, Boston Terriers, Westies, Pekingese, Schnauzer & similar sized breeds with a neck size of 30cm to 39cm.



Adjustable between 38cm to 54cm (15″-21″) & 2.5cm wide (1”). Suitable for Boxers, Weimaraner, Staffies, Labradors, Bulldogs, Great Dane & similar sized breeds with a neck size of 38cm to 54cm.


✦Product Care


Gently dry brush any dried dirt from the product then use a damp cloth to wipe away any remaining dirt. Do not machine wash. To care for the leather, avoid getting it wet wherever possible, tissue dry and allow it to dry naturally (do not use a radiator or heat source). Leather will naturally soften and darken with use. Our products are made to be strong and durable however, are not recommended for dogs that pull.


✦Wear and tear


Wear-and-tear happens; but if your customer believes the product seems to be prematurely wearing, it may be faulty. We offer a full 90-day money back guarantee for unused or faulty products.


Collars and leads should no longer be used if they show any signs of damage. All dog products should only be used under supervision and at the owner's discretion. It is the customers responsibility to keep their dog safe while using our products, we cannot be held responsible for any injury sustained while using our products.


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